Tempus ELITE project study visit was organized on June 2-5, 2014. University of Greenwich, London was the hosting institution provided many interesting lectures on the topic of ELITE project Leadership development. 


On May, 12-15 the Higher Education Group, School of Management, University of Tampere has hosted a delegation of nine Ukrainian HEI leaders.  The study visit was organized as part of the ELITE Tempus project activities (Education for Leadership, Intelligence and Talent Encouraging, 544343-TEMPUS-1-2013-1-LT-TEMPUS-SMHES).The main topic of the project is  "Universities services for Leadership Read more...


Study visit was organized on 16th of April, 2014.The aim of the study visit was to provide the trainings on the leadership in education by providing information about KTU experience and study programmes implemented on.  More pictures in the galery